Monday, July 3, 2017


Day 02 of our trip started with breakfast at Old Town White Coffee Basic.

We woke up early and decided to have breakfast outside the hotel instead of eating at the hotel buffet although the price is reasonable we are with kids who don't have big appetite in the morning and also the van will pick-up us around 11:30 am. I wanted to have a tour within Johor Bahru prior to our journey back to Singapore but the time is tight so we just enjoy our breakfast.

The Oldtownown White coffee is known for their white coffee and Malaysian food. Of course our malaysian trip is not complete without tatsing the local malay fod.

Here are some of the food that we ordered:

Old Town Nasi Lemak Classic

Curry Puff

Old Town Curry Mee

Me, Gaby and my Mum enjoying the Nasi Lemak. Its basically similar to our famous tosilog in the Philippines, the chicken taste like tocino (sweet style pork/chicken).

Don't forget to bring home some of  their famous ready mix coffee for your pasalubong. I also ordered curry puff and sandwiches just in case the kids starve in the middle of our journey back to Singapore.

We enjoyed our breakfast in the old town white coffee. Their coffee is superb and one of a kind and a must try once you visit the Johor Bahru. We also enjoyed the food from their nasi lemak, noodles and the curry puff. The price range of their food is very affordable specially their combo meals.

Hope you guys enjoy their coffee same as we do.


Friday, June 9, 2017


Having a LEGO enthusiast son surely you will aim to bring him to LEGOLAND. For a middle class family, its not easy to bring your kids overseas just to enjoy a theme park. It takes a lot preparation and  savings.

Since we arrive early at the hotel, we got the opportunity to sleep and refreshed. But unfortunately I wasn't able to inform the hotel lobby to gave us a call if the shuttle arrive so we took a taxi and paid RM 25.

TIP: Purchase the ticket in advance in Legoland Malaysia website. Check their promotions always as they have different offers. Such as 50% discount on hotels or combo tickets.

Ours I got Combo ticket the Theme Park and Water Park. Its a buy 1 ticket and take 50% discount on the next ticket. Its a big savings for us. Also you have to print your ticket in advance or you could show an electronic ticket once you arrive on the theme park. I have notice there are no queue the whole day when we arrive.

When we arrive we are inform to take the waterpark first because of the weather but we still went to the theme park because knowing the kids once they went to the pool they are unstoppable. We have doubts on going on the theme park afterwards.

 There are loads of Lego figures inside the theme park and you will be amazed because you cant remove it easily. I think they use special glue to bind it.

We started by taking the left side of the theme park where we saw the JUNIOR DRIVING SCHOOL for toddlers and for adults.

Compulsory driving lesson.

The cars are ready and waiting.

Oops! Wrong way.

Bam! You hit the pavements.

Unfortunately the BOATING SCHOOL is close for maintenance.

He find this shark amusing.

In LEGOLAND sometimes they combine Lego to wooden pieces to make it more realistic.

The Shipyard, its basically a place for slides and like a playground.

"That's dad mum, because he is a builder".

Make sure to pass the LOST KINGDOM ADVENTURE and feel like your in ancient Egypt.

One of my son's favorite experience is the NINJAGO RIDE, this is their newest attraction. We are able to watch their ninjago show as well.

Ready to get wet with the DINO ISLAND RIDE. If you are familiar with star city this is very similar. Mind you, you don't have any escape in getting wet on this ride. The drop is very intense that will make your heart pump so hard.

Coolest giraffe ever!

Get the 360 degree view of the whole LEGOLAND with their OBSERVATION TOWER.

The miniland is a very impressive creations. Most of the structures are all over Southeast Asia namely Malaysia, Singapore , Thailand and more.

Here is the compulsory picture of the Malaysia Crew.

Don't forget to drop to the BIG SHOP its filled with all LEGO toys even the current edition. But to be fair the cost is discounted in LEGOLAND rather than purchasing to mall prices.


Unfortunately the rain falls (its summer why is it raining) and we were unable to enjoy the LEGOLAND waterpark since they are no longer allowing visitors to swim due to thunder and lightning. On the brighter side it gave us reason to return to LEGOLAND Malaysia.

Bidding goodbye to my son's happy place, you will surely be miss.

Striking a pose to one of the art wall along Medini Mall. I'm wearing knitted top and ripped shorts which I bought in Divi for less than 500.


1. Wear very light clothes because you will surely perspire.
2. Bring extra clothes if in case you get wet.
3. Drink loads of water.
4. One day is not ideal to enjoy both theme park and waterpark, perhaps two days will do.
5. Looking for a cheap food place, outside LEGOLAND there is a KFC price range starts at RM 110.

That's it for our LEGOLAND daytour. Hopefully next time we will stay longer so we could enjoy both the theme park and water park.

Till next time,

Sunday, May 14, 2017


I wanted to dedicate this post to the woman who inspire me to so many things.

I will use tagalog so if in case my nanay will be able to read this post she will feel my heartful sincerity.

Lets do this, shall we.

Sa aking nanay,

Marahil marami ang nagtatanong bakit Modern Nanay ang pangalan ng aking blog.
Yun ay dahil isa ka sa inspirasyon kung bakit ko nais kong ibahagi ang buhay ng isang ina.

Iba't iba ang bawat katangian ng isang ina. Iba't ibang kwento at karansan,
Pero masasabi ko na hindi man ganun kadali ang tinahak natin daan.
Alam ko na hindi mo ako kailanman binitawan at iniwanan,
Sa aking bawat desisyon ay patuloy mo akong ginabayan.

Alam ko ina na marami akong kamalian
At hindi naging perpekto kailanman.
Marami beses man tayo nagkaroon ng alitan
Ngunit sa huli ako iyong naiintindihan.

Sa araw na ito nais kitang pasalamatan,
Sa iyong labis na pagmamahal.
Sa lahat nga paggabay at pagalaga.
Ng walang hinihintay na kapalit.

Mahal na mahal kita Nanay

Lubos na nagmamahal,

Friday, April 7, 2017


Included on our itinerary is a sidetrip to Minalungao National Park.


Minalungao National Park is a protected area of the Philippines located in the municipality of General Tinio, Nueva Ecija in Central Luzon. The park covers an area of 2,018 hectares centered along the scenic Peñaranda River bordered on both sides by up to 16-meter high limestone walls in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range.

We were surprise that there is an entrance fee of 100 pesos per head and it was effective the day before we arrive, how unlucky.

When we arrive its already late afternoon, we have plans on going for a deep but we lost interest when we saw the crowd.

Its weekend when we visited and so as expected there are loads of tourist as well. We didnt explore much of the place because of limited time but we are able to capture few photos.

Two kinds of bridge. The hanging bridge, this is nerve rocking because it shaky specially if loads of people walking. The bamboo bridge its less scary. 
Puro bato ditto bes, ipose na lang natin yan.
Overall I would still love to comeback here in Minalungao but I will make sure its either weekdays or not during summer for me to experience other amenities.


© Modern Nanay
Maira Gall